8 of The Best CrossFit Apps for Android & iPhone 2017


​Best CrossFit Apps 2017 - 

Looking to improve your Workout Of the Day? Want to take your CrossFit to the next level? We review the best CrossFit apps available today on your device.

If you’re the type of person who prefers self-teaching and likes to create your own workouts, then this list of the best CrossFit apps could be perfect for you.

CrossFit has been making a name for itself as one of the toughest fitness regimes in the world and is booming across the nation.

CrossFit is a very intense workout that will work and shape every part of your body and give you more energy as you perform the WOD.

The Best CrossFit Apps

There are many Crossfit apps out there for Android as well as iPhone (Apple IOS) devices. It can be hard to find the best choice, so we've saved you the time and provided a list of the best applications on the market today. 

These apps have many different features and could definitely help you take your CrossFit to the next level and give you an edge.

Many of the apps have been developed by experts in the field and will assist you in optimizing your CrossFit exercises to get the most gains.

All these applications are available for both Android and iPhone devices.

#1 - Beyond the Whiteboard App


​Author: BadPopcorn, Inc.

$5 per month or $50 per year

This is a fantastic app for any CrossFitter. It is THE CrossFit app used by professionals to monitor and analyze their workout performance.

Anyone would benefit from downloading this application which continually gets excellent reviews.

The app allows you to log your workouts and provides instructional videos for every exercise.

This app also gives you many different WODs to choose from that best fit your goals and schedule. You can analyze your fitness levels and instantly track your performance.

Another great feature of this CrossFit application is the body composition monitor that will track your weight and body fat percentage.

It also provides a fitness score which captures how fit you are in one number.

App Features:
  • Log in tracks and workouts
  • Search and View for new and different WODs
  • Demos and 'How To' videos
  • Analyzes your performances
  • Monitors and guides you through your WOD

#2 - MyWOD App


​Author: MettaBot, Inc.


If you're looking for simple way to log and track your CrossFit workouts, myWOD is the perfect solution for you!

It allows you to keep track of your exercise performance and also post your achievements to popular social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram.

MyWOD gives you the ability to log your personal best lifts and provides daily 'Workouts Of the Day' from reputable CrossFit websites to help in your day-to-day exercises.

This application also lets you create your own custom WODs that you can save for future use.

Other great features of this app are the calendar view, graphical interface and search function which make tracking workouts a simple and easy task.

App Features:
  • Tracks your WOD records
  • Shareable on social media
  • Daily WODs from CrossFit websites
  • Create your own custom WOD
  • Search function for new WODs
  • Universal - only download once, connect with any of your IOS devices

#3 - GWOD Start App


​Author: Carl Paoli


GWOD is your general fitness app for training and education on general gymnastics and all round body weight movements.

Powered by GymnasticsWOD.com, this app allows you to easily and quickly browse and view their archives on some of the best workouts and demo videos for CrossFitters.

If you get tired of doing the same old drills over and over, this app will surely help you find new and better ways of turning up the intensity on your muscles and thus achieving greater results.

There are more drills hidden in the GWOD.com archives than any CrossFit expert could ever know!

This app has a landscape and portrait orientation and supports any screen you are using. It also has high-quality streaming videos that will teach you the correct way to perform any kind of exercise.

App Features:
  • List of demos and 'How To' videos
  • Search function for different daily WOD exercises
  • ​Access to GymnasticsWOD.com archives for hundreds of new videos
  • ​Streaming function for new and effective drills
  • Landscape and Portrait orientation for any screen

#4 - WOD BOX Pro App


​Author: Hybrid Media


The WOD BOX Pro App has a genius WOD generator that allows you to create the right workout for any level of CrossFitter.

The app allows you to track your progress on specific movements and rates your level from Amateur to Professional depending on your skill set.

The free version of this application has some good points, but an upgrade to the pro version unlocks much more features and is worth the cost.

App Features:
  • View Workouts
  • Track your performance
  • 'How To' videos for proper execution of workouts

#5 - WOD Book App


​Author: Gabriel Marcos


One of the best features of this application is its friendly and accessible user interface. It has an excellent overall design which includes tracking of WODs and a fully functional stop watch which accommodates AMRAP ("As Many Reps As Possible") and Tabata (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts.

The app has a section for your personal records and can automatically calculate your new training cycle without having to pull out a calculator.

One of the bonuses of this app, if your gym has an RSS feed, is that you can just connect and pull all your daily WODs into the application.

App Features:
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Tracks your WODs, includes stopwatch for your AMRAP
  • ​Automatic computation of your records
  • ​RSS Feed for your phone and gym

#6 - iCross WOD Pro App


​Author: Gearley


The pro version of this app is the same as the free version but without the ads.

We suggest an upgrade to the pro-version as it is value for money and the adverts can be really annoying for an otherwise great application.

The pro version includes an optimized layout for the iPad, is easily connected to the top CrossFit website, and has a day to day swipe function to monitor the previous workouts.

It also features offline use and has a function that keeps the screen on as you progress in your workout.

App Features:
  • WOD Tracking
  • Connected to top CrossFit websites
  • Daily reminder of your WOD
  • New daily WOD instructions and Videos
  • Swipe from day to day to monitor your training

#7 - XFit PR App


​Author: Cameron Hejazi-Far


This app provides most of the key features needed by any CrossFitter to improve their workouts.

This app enables you to track all your workouts via a calendar feature, view demonstrations of many exercise to avoid bad form, upload all your data to the XFit PR website for storage and backup, plus much more!

App Features:
  • WOD Results and History
  • Large list of WODs, Custom WODs, and View Exercise Demos
  • Built-in timers, converts male/female weights, and converts imperial to metric
  • Syncs with all your devices

#8 - Workout Hero App


Author: StoreBoughtMilk


​Workout Hero is a comprehensive application for people at all fitness levels.

It allows you to connect with friends, share personal bests, and compete online.

App Features:
  • Universal - works on iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • Graphs all WODs and lifts. Over 700 pre-loaded workouts
  • ​Timer Pro and Books section with 12 free exercise booklets
  • ​Shareable WODs via Social Media
  • ​Create custom workouts and add them to the workout randomizer
  • Access iPod music, stop watch, lap, countdown and Tabatha
  • Over 100 'How To' videos

Best Crossfit App Summary

Now that you know some of the best quality apps in the market, you’ll have no problem maximizing your workouts.

These apps should provide a real benefit to even the most experienced CrossFitter.


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